iKVM App


The ICP Global iKVM App is an independant control system that allows remote IP based switching of the ihse KVM matrix system ports through a web browser. The iKVM App can be accessed and operated through any touchscreen based device: tablets, smartphones and thouchscreens based systems, using iOS, Android or WinTel OS.


Powered by a web browser menu, the iKVM App can be customised, at a minimum, to allow up to 5 concurrent administrators/users to control up to 25 end points connected within the ihse matrix KVM switch in any combination through macro defined pre-settings. Each administrator/user can have a different touchscreen menu control interface if required.


Portable devices can be connected to the iKVM App through WiFi whilst touchscreen based PC systems can access the iKVM App through a standard network.


iKVM App Datasheet



iKVM App Diagram