ihse L481-BIPE   KVM Matrix IP Virtualisation access


ihse L481-BIPE Virtualisation CPU

The ihse Draco vario Remote IP CPU unit comprises the functionality of a Thin Clinet and a KVM Extender (transmittier). The L481-BIPE IP unit provides seamless KVM connectivity over IP supporting :


* RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol

* RemoteFX

* SSH - Secure Shell

* VNC - Virtual Network Computing

* further protocols are available on request


A single L481-BIPE can host up to 16 simultaneous sessions. Virtual systems are accessed through the ihse KVM Matrix OSD as though they are 'real' PCs. Besides KVM access, the audio and transparent USB can also be routed.


Multi-session allows a singe L481-BIPE unit to run multiple sessions in parallel. These can be displayed and operated either individually in full screen, or in a MultiView configuration : 2 x 2.




           L481-BIPE diagram