ihse MSC2.0 - Multi-Screen Control 2.0

The ihse MSC2.0 - Multi-Screen Control feature is provided as standard with the ihse Compact and Enterprise KVM matrix systems.


The MSC feature allows a single keyboard & mouse to free flow over up to eight systems whether they be in a single screen or multiple screen flexible arrangement of displays. The MSC2.0 free-flow feature is compatible with WinTel and Linux based systems.


The operators keyboard & mouse are attached to a nominated 'primary' CON unit on their desk. The mouse is then moved from monitor to monitor free flowing from the edge of one monitor to the next adjacent screen.

Whichever screen the mouse pointer is located, the operator then has control of this system. This improves desktop ergonomics, removal or multiple keyboards and mice, and seamless switching between displayed system.


MSC2.0 now allows the access of multi-screen systems video display in non-sequential order. This alleviates the operator having to initially move across the first screen to access the second screen, or third or fourth screen, if only the second screen, or third or fourth screen, to that system is currently been displayed on the users desk.


Railway Dual User Control



           ihse MSC2.0 free flow