USB-4 4 Port Keyboard/Mouse Free-flow switch

The USB-4 is a 4-port USB Keyboard & Mouse (KM) switch provides seamless interaction with up to four PCs using a single roaming (Free-Flow) mouse, and single keyboard:


USB-4 4 Port Mouse Free-flow switch           USB-4 4 Port Cascading

Features Include

The USB-4 “Roaming Mouse” functionality allowing the operator to simply move the mouse cursor across screen borders in any direction, either horizontally or vertically, instantly selecting the PC they need to control. The USB-4 provides super easy-to-use KM switching that saves desk space and time.


With excellent expandability, one USB-4 can have up to four Slave USB-4 attached, allowing the user to interact with a maximum of 16 PCs.


Single head and multi-head video systems can be attached. Supported operating sytsems : Window, MAC and Linux


Datasheet: USB-4 Keyboard & Mouse Free-flow switch