UDP2000P-HDMI IP KVM Extender

HDMI digital extension for point-to-point or multi-point (many to many) matrix configurations:


UDP2000P-HDMI Configuration


The UDP2000P-HDMI KVM extender provides perfect High Definition Video up to 4K @ 30Hz / 2560 x 1440 @60Hz and below resolutions at approximately 150m with USB keyboard & mouse, two spare USB, Audio, RS‐232 and IR remote control.


Video connectivity is through HDMI (DVI-D connectivity option with HDMI-DVI adaptor cable) on the transmitting side, with HDMI (DVI-D connectivity option with HDMI-DVI adaptor cable) support on the remote user side.


This digital extension solution is based on standard UDPIP technology allowing unicast (point‐to-point) or multi‐cast (one‐to‐many) through a 1Gig Ethernet switch. Due to multi-cast features, the UDP2000P-HDMI can also be used in a multi-source video wall or even a surveillance centre.


Features Include

  • Supports Full HD video resolutions up to 4K @ 30Hz / 2560x1440 @ 60Hz and below

  • Supports HDMI with HDMI local out port on the transmitter

  • Up to approximately 150m over CAT5, CAT6e or CAT7

  • IP based technology supporting unicast (point‐to‐point) or multi‐cast (one‐to‐many) through a 1Gig Ethernet switch

  • Support for many‐to‐many group broadcasting or multi-user KVM matrix ** 1Gig Ethernet Switch must support at least IGMPv2 as a minimum

  • Multi-user KVM matrix mode : On Screen Display (OSD) listing all attached systems

  • Matrix Manager is built into each user station – no external matrix manager required

  • Supports two USB HID ports for Keyboard and Mouse and two USB ports compatible with : USB touch screen, media stick, jogger wheel, tablet

  • 3.5mm Audio jack for microphone in and audio out, RS‐232 and IR connectivity

  • Encoder/Decoder engine with Scalar Function for video wall displays with 180, 270



Datasheet: UDP2000P-HDMI IP KVM Extender